We need to build connections purposefully, methodically above, against the inherently selfish Human ego

Question from the Internet:

“Why is it that when humanity strives to come together, there is a surge in the opposing forces that set us apart?”

This is an extremely important question for our generation!

This is exactly what happens each time we try to unite and work together. The moment we achieve some success, our inherently egotistic, self-serving, exploitative nature immediately wants the success for itself and the fragile connections, cooperation is lost.

If we needed any added proof, we can observe it Iive now through the woefully inadequate, selfish, individualistic and nationalistic reactions, “solutions” for the pandemic which makes the situation much worse than I should be.

If we truly cared about others, if we wanted to mutually help each other as much as we want to selfishly help only ourselves, we could have already solved the pandemic - and all the other, mounting global problems - long time ago.

Thus we need to learn through a very special - very realistic, empirical science - how to balance, complement our inherent egos with selfless, altruistic intentions that we learn, copy from Nature’s balanced, fully integrated system.

The ego cannot be suppressed, erased, our inherent differences, individual uniqueness will only grow. But by learning how to build “Nature-like” integration we can actually use, harness the individual uniqueness, differences for the sake, well-being of the whole collective.

The egotistic desires for more, the competitive spirit will give us the power, while the “Nature-like” integration, the selfless, altruistic intentions will give us the directions, purposeful guidance.