We need to adapt our raw Capitalistic nature to Nature’s Communism

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readOct 14, 2020

Opinion from the Internet on the ideal Human system:

There is 1 Dialectical approach to be taken seriously.
The current systems have taken advantage by corrupt behaviours/actions of the current ruling classes or the inherited position.
Lenin said that if we wait for people/nature to mature & sort out the injustice it will be ~500 years & many lives ruined.
They used the term Democratic centralism. Humans are very dynamic (influential on the environment) & we need to be aware of their leveraged destructive power. We cannot be static & wait for nature to fix us, as we can destroy it many times (with nuclear, etc).
For that reason, after reasonable/healthy Deialctical reasoning we agree on the principles & APPLY that - knowledge is useless without applying. “Freedom of speech” is convenient distraction from action to change the system that is failing us.
The key should be Freedom of Opportunity (Universal Basic Income→Services→Opportunity®)
Any distractors will have to be stopped or the old ruling system will take over. The old system will tag this (Democratic centralism) as non-democratic/dictatorship (of course of the oppressed class until justice established) to be able to keep the status quo.
Now we should understand how China is protecting self against the dangers of “Free” Democratic system & fail miserably like the most promising Yugoslavia because it “freely” stepped out of the safety zone & eaten by the Capitalist monsters :(
China learned from that, applies the best parts but also the Democratic centralism model that was proven in the initial stages of the 1st Socialist (Communist) experiment. The key is to keep the big picture/goal in mind & not be distracted by the sweeteners of the failing system.
Just having good model does not guarantee success. Following good principles of action/process is more important. You can always adapt/adjust with the new knowledge, but keep the vision & the principles alive all the time.

Being born in Hungary in the 1960s I come from Communistic background. So from that point of view the “Chinese experiencing” looks interesting, trying to combine hardcore communism with a certain level of free market capitalism, allowing people to profit for themselves, even compete with Western businesses as long as they give up the Western-like freedom and don’t deal with politics.

On the other hand - listening to some Chinese peoplei met - it is not as rosy from the inside as it might look from the outside. Moreover the level of constraint, oppression Chinese people accept - probably based on their cultural uniqueness - would be totally unacceptable for other people.

Anyway we will have to see how the Chinese model unfolds, based on historic experience, and how the world economy is going - a likely, inevitable, total collapse, leaving only necessities intact, by that removing the sweet, mitigating post of the Chinese model - the outlook is not good.

But I tell you what the biggest problem is: the problem is not with the governing, social or economy systems we are trying. The problem is with Human nature.

And our inherent Human nature is raw capitalistic.

We are all programmed to consume excessively, to accumulate profit and resources for ourselves, to ruthlessly compete and succeed, survive at the expense of others. A total Communistic system is directly opposite to our inherent nature, this is why the Chinese are trying to allow some level of capitalism - but it works only add long as we can recklessly grow, consume.

And as the signs are showing that era is finished, Nature’s fully integrated, closed system - that is built on strict, unchanging laws that sustain balance and homeostasis - won’t allow Humanity to continue with the system we have been building.

There is no return to normal after the pandemic, we have to get used to a very different lifestyle - that is more aligned with Nature’s integration and balance.
This will render both the Capitalistic and the present Communistic ideologies, experiments obsolete, useless.

The new Humanity had to be built on Nature’s template, which is actually very close to the Communistic ideas. But in order for Human beings to accept it, willingly build such a system, we n a very special, purposeful, practical educational method, program which can perform a seemingly impossible task:

We need to learn how to adapt our inherently raw Capitalistic nature, instincts to Nature’s completely “Communistic” (selfless, altruistic) system where each makes their calculations only for the sake of the collective.

And this method had to facilitate this Herculean task through positive motivation, drawing people through free choice, without any coercion, without oppression our misleading propaganda.

But we don’t have any other chance, since Nature is a “ruthless, unforgiving judge” we can’t appeal to, we can’t bribe as it is based on “iron laws”.




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.