We need to accept Nature’s “global agenda"

Question from the Internet:

“Is it practical to promote a global agenda for any specific cause or potential concern in the present and through the future? Could any area of concern actually be universally beneficial to humanity or is it all based on profit/power?”

It is not only practical to “promote a global agenda", our collective survival depends on all of us agreeing to building positive, sustainable, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconections, cooperation.

I agree, that the way different global agendas are promoted these days are not attractive, and we always find ulterior motives behind them, people, interest groups aiming for their own power, profit.

This is why first of all we need a unique “Integral Education” that can teach us why we need the global, integral connections, how we are all individual cells of the same, single Human “super-organism" whether we want it or not.

Then we will see, moreover feel that it is in our best interest to build the above mentioned interconections, since in this world the success, health, survival of the individual inevitably intertwined with the success, health, survival of the whole collective.

Not according to our usual selfish, egotistic human ideologies, philosophies or even religions, but according to Nature’s strict, unforgiving laws.