We need the true science of emotions in order to accept, receive reality “as it is”

Opinion from the Internet:

“I have to disagree that we can fully attain reality, especially its meaning, source through science.
A meaningful life can’t and won’t come from science. But it IS the best system or set of systems to analytically study the universe. Rationality.
Meaningfulness though is the realm of Emotionality and by extension Spiritual and Mental well being. Hence, religion, traditions and culture are whar bring together people, families and thus form communities.”

I agree with you 100%!

We are completely sentient creatures, assessing, perceiving everything through it emotions. Our mind, intellect is “only” a secondary decide to analyze, sort, prepare, catalogue our emotional impressions of reality.

Even “classical scientists” research and compute emotionally - whether they are aware of it or not. Mathematicians for example have an emotional relationships to the numbers they work with, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to understand them, arrange them.

The unique science we can use to explore and fully attain reality with it’s overall purpose is the science of “acceptance”, receiving, accepting the full spectrum of the forces that surround us, like a special radio receiver that is perfectly tuned to the maximum, perfect frequency range of reality.
Then we will feel reality like two friends feel each other, as their desires, thoughts, aspirations match perfectly.

We are surrounded by forces, waves as quantum physics reveals, our world is not material as we got used to. From our point of view these forces, waves translate to emotional impressions, intentions and desires.

With the above mentioned science we can learn how to go beyond this seemingly material reality, entering the field of forces, waves quantum physics tries to examine but can’t, as we can only enter when we become selfless, transparent, objective “particles” - “weightless" observers - that can research reality without the usual physical, egocentric, subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion.

And this is a realistic, tangible concept, achievable through a practical, scientific method - the true science of Human emotions.