We need a method for building connections

An opinion from the Internet about how to solve Humanity’s problems:

“I think in order to try solving our present problems, crisis mindfulness meditation practice of some kind is the way to go. This can help us in reducing the consumerist culture and competitiveness, it will lessen the inherent desire and predatory instincts. How to stimulate the will to do this through formal education is unknown, but if we do not learn better behavior the easy way, we will learn it the hard way.”

I fully agree with you that only by changing, upgrading, harnessing our desires is the only way forward without suffering.

Whether meditation is enough, I am not sure.

After all controlling our desires is just the first step, what we really need to learn is how to build positive, sustainable, nature-like mutual connections so we can solve problems together and initiate a completely different flow, life experience through those connections.

So we need a method that is highly practical in building those connections above and against our inherently egocentric, subjective, individualistic nature.