We haven’t felt true life yet!

Question from the Internet:

“What could be the reasons for “life eats life” design in creation design? Is this out of love of the designer or is it a “survival of the fittest” developing over billions of years?”

It is neither. We simply don’t understand the “design” yet.

Life doesn’t eat life. We look at, define life incorrectly.

Due to our inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception of reality we behave like “single-cell” organisms, considering “life” our present, limited, individual existence.

Moreover, we live like cancer cells, excessively consuming, accumulating everything for ourselves, while succeeding, surviving at the expense of others, at the expense of Nature.

It is understandable that from this inherent point of view we see a hostile world where each living being is in a constant war for survival, where the “evil” predators eat the “cute” and innocent pray, and we define evolution as a process where the strongest, most ruthless bullies survive.

But this is a false, distorted picture we see through our limited, introverted, self-justifying filters.

In order to help us understand the complete picture, we can look at how our own biological bodies work. In a body - as in any closed, integral, living system - life is not the process that unfolds within cells, organs, individual entities.

Life is the mutual, reciprocal circulation, communication between the cells, organs, between individual entities.

We don’t feel the death, birth, we don’t feel the incessant, incredible changes that unfold within our cells, organs. We feel life as a “composite”, all-inclusive experience, that is the sum of everything that happens between the cells and organs.

The sense of life is the unique extra that appears as a result of the finely balanced circulation, communication, homeostasis between all the comprising elements, cells, organs and the microbiome.

At the same time on the cellular level “life eats life”, cells are born, they die, they merge and separate, almost the whole body is regularly replaced within. But we don’t feel any of it, we feel only that we, the “sum of all parts” exist.
In truth we haven’t even lived yet!

The truly Human life is something that is still ahead of us, which we will feel only when we ourselves make the evolutionary transition from egotistic, subjective, “single-cellular” organisms to form an unprecedented “multi-cellular” Human superorganism.

But since in our case this evolutionary step will be achieved consciously, purposefully, by our own methodical efforts, we will retain an independent, objective awareness of true, perfect, Natural life no other “creature” in Nature’s system is capable of.

This has huge, positive implications!

As soon as we start sensing the new, collective consciousness we stop feeling ourselves as individuals. We can all access the higher, composite life-experience on the systemic level.

As a result we also rise above the inherently egocentric, subjective perception, and start sensing reality without the introverted limitations of time, space and physical movement.

This is our unique, unparalleled Human purpose in evolution, which we can achieve here and now, through a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method!


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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.