We have to love the 21st century!

Question from the Internet:

“What do you love most about existing in the 21st century?”

What I love about the 21st century is that finally, we have reached the most exciting phase of human evolution, when we are going to transition from a previous, present, blind and instinctive, and self-destructive development to a fully conscious, positive path.

Our growing problems, the constantly deepening, unsolvable global crisis, a real threat of collective self-destruction, and our vast historic experience awakens more and more people for asking questions about the meaning, the purpose of human life on one hand, and also helps them recognize our own, inherently selfish, exploitative, hateful ego as the root cause of all the problems.

This unique mass awakening is the signal for this transition, where instead of waiting for intolerable suffering to convince us about the need to change ourselves, we start a conscious, proactive self-change, self-upgrade which will facilitate building a very different, Nature-like, mutually integrated, mutually responsible, mutually complementing global human society.