We have never been so close

In a paradoxical manner — by separating us physically — the Covid-19 virus showed us how close we all truly are.

By forcing us to rediscover Human connections mostly through virtual means, by facing a common, non-Human enemy, by sensing ourselves pushed in the same corner, for the first time in our history we felt like a single, global, Human entity.

And this was augmented as a stark contrast by how woefully inadequate, self-defeating all the isolated, individualistic, nationalistic, uncoordinated responses were.

This is a very significant, important breakthrough since for the first time in our development we received a blueprint, a plan on how to evolve, grow from here!

And although we will need to do that above and against our inherent nature, above all the differences, against all the distrust, historic animosity, we have the unique, purposeful and practical educational method that can help us achieve the seemingly “mission impossible”.