Question from the Internet:

“What have we learned so far from 2020, and what do we still have to learn?”

Through the virus and the subsequent crisis, we have learned, still learning that we are locked into a globally integrated and fully interdependent world.

We need to learn that we cannot escape from this integrality, since this “arrangement” is according to Nature’s plan of evolution driving the whole system towards the most optimal integration above diversity.

We also learned that with our inherently individualistic and self-serving nature that thrives at ruthless, exclusive competition, success, and survival at the expense of others, while pursuing insatiable overconsumption, we are incompatible with Nature’s obligatory integrality.

So in order to become able to solve our problems and safeguard our collective Human survival we need to learn how to become compatible with Nature’s integrality — through building mutual integration in Human society.

So we have a lot to learn!

Fortunately, we have a unique, purposeful, and practical educational method, that was developed and opened to all for this very goal.