We finally know what to do!

The most important, positive outcome of the pandemic is that finally, we know what’s wrong with us. And each time when one is consumed by a seemingly unknown, chronic illness, the proper diagnosis is the first step towards healing.

Although we already suspected beforehand, that virus showed without any doubts that the root cause behind our mounting, seemingly unsolvable global problems is our inherent incompatibility with the global, integral evolutionary conditions we find ourselves in.

And this is the bottom line: although we are like cells and organs of the same body, we behave like cancer, trying to accumulate, consume everything selfishly for ourselves.

We can start learning how to act above, against our inherent program, rising above instincts, hormonal reactions that have been driving us through history.

With the right, purposeful, and practical educational method we can start building the crucially important mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections, cooperation that will be the basis of the new, safer, equal, sustainable, and qualitatively much higher, global Human society.