We don’t need to aim at a utopia, we have Nature’s perfect template!

Question from the Internet:

“How would you build a society that is as close to a utopia as you could get?”

Fortunately we don’t need to aim at any utopia. We have the perfect, realistic blueprint to aim for.

While we convinced ourselves long time ago that Humanity exists independent of Nature’s all-encompassing system, this is not true.

We were born from Nature, we are still integral parts of Nature, and we are still evolving together with Nature.

And our “childhood”, the time when we could seemingly do whatever we wanted - building one excessively self-serving, narcissistic civilization after another through recurring vicious historic cycles - is over.

The pandemic is actually a sign from Nature - pulling the plug for our overconsuming, ruthlessly competitive system - that we have to shift to a completely new, this time conscious - above and against our inherently selfish, exploitative urges - Human development.

We have to research, attain and use Nature’s template for building, sustaining closed, fully integrated and interdependent living systems - as Humanity is also such a system.

This has to be as realistic and tangible as possible, and we have the unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method that can help us implementing this new development.