We don’t live in democracy any more, we live in “the Matrix”

Question from the Internet:

“Do we live in a world of weak democracy and super sheep like society?”

What we call democracy today is a very faint shadow of what democracy meant originally. The extent of manipulation of the masses in Western, “democratic” countries is almost the same - albeit different - as in Communistic countries.

We all live in a “Matrix” - brainwashed by media, entertainment, “circus and bread” - that determines how we behave, what we aspire for, who we vote for and most importantly what and how much we consume.

It doesn’t matter what governing, social or economic system we implement as our inherently egocentric, self-serving, exploitative nature will inevitably distort, corrupt anything for its own service. And since we differ in relation to the strength, hunger of the egotistic, selfish desire in us, the most selfish, egotistic minority enslaves, exploits the less selfish, less egotistic majority - the “sheep” - until a certain breaking point is reached when the majority revolts and the actual civilization is destroyed.

The only solution to break out of the inevitably recurring, vicious historic cycles is to change Human nature - for all of us - and then rebuild Human society on completely new values, goals, understanding which we will develop after we changed, upgraded, fine-tuned who we are.

Previously this was all philosophical, theoretical, but now - was we are all sleepwalking towards a seemingly inevitable, global self-destruction - the need for changes had become very acute, and very realistic!