We do not need spatial awareness for a “truly Human” existence

Question from the Internet:

“Is spatial awareness a biological advantage to our continued existence as humans?”

While this might sound shocking at first, for our continuing human existence we do not need spatial awareness at all.

Our “truly Human” existence is beyond the present, subjective and egocentric coordinates of time and space. We have the ability, and evolutionary expectation that we develop further to such an extent that we actually, realistically start sensing existence above time and space in a non-physical manner, completely through desires, thoughts, and intentions.

For this, we need a unique, purposeful, and practical scientific, educational method that can teach us and make us feel how to sense, perceive reality completely outside of the inherently subjective, egocentric self, totally selflessly through the desires and viewpoints of others.

In fact, the present situation — our life moving towards the virtual realm as a result of the pandemic and our technological advancement is already an invitation to rise above being locked into the coordinates of physical time and space.