We do have different motivations to unite above our differences

An opinion from the Internet about the difficulty to unite people who are very different from each other:

“We can’t be expected to mutually cooperate with those whose views are contrary to our own. We can’t be expected to love or even tolerate that which we naturally find abhorrent. People are too different to find a common denominator.”

I fully agree with you that it is not easy, it seems impossible — but it isn’t. It all depends on a common goal, purpose people have.

And we have examples even from our usual egotistic, selfish lives how it is done. Just look at how overpaid, inflated superstars, who envy and even hate each other rise above their differences in sports teams, in music bands, in movies to reach a common goal that is beneficial for all of them.

Rival companies, nations create alliances above their differences, despite the constant competition for such mutual benefit. Very different, diverse people join into specialized commandos, unites to fight for a common cause based on ideology, love of their countries, or being paid well as mercenaries.

And in none of those instances do they have to give up their individuality, uniqueness, simply they have to find a way to use their abilities in a mutually complementing way for some collective goal, that they all agree to.

At the moment mankind has a very obvious collective goal, purpose — to survive. And we already know that individually, nationally,m continuing to compete against each other, trying to survive at each other’s expense it is not going to work.

Obviously, based on what we see around the world, the suffering, the inconvenience from the pandemic, from theoretical threats about climate change is not strong enough to convince us to start acting in a collective, mutually responsible and mutually complementing way.

At the moment billionaires compete with each other, each building their own spacecraft to access space, dream about colonizing planets where they can continue their destructive, self-serving competition for example. How stupid this is considering what they could achieve together as a team? But at the moment it is a game for them, spending their virtual wealth like children.

But our suffering will inevitably increase. We will have much more infectious, more lethal plagues which we won’t be able to treat, stop, we will have an inevitable, total global socioeconomic collapse, societies will fall apart everywhere due to the unsustainable system we are stubbornly pursuing and wars will break out as leaders will pull the “only possible historic solution” when all else fails, to unite their nations through hate against others.

So we either understand it through intolerable suffering, or hopefully, we have enough sensitive, thinking people who understand it before, that for collective survival we have to unite and work together above all our differences, diversity, mutual distrust, and rejection. A large enough critical minority can start pulling humanity towards the right direction while the situation steadily worsens on the ground.

And when we see that we can survive through such cooperation and start to feel the potential benefits of becoming united above everything that separates us and we start sensing a qualitatively much higher, incomparably more fulfilling existence together with capabilities we could not even dream about before, then we will start to have a positive attraction that will keep us united above our differences besides the fear of self-destruction that will bring us together in the first place.

Then the negative and positive motivation will start to work together, allowing a dynamic but stable human “superorganism” to exist with a unique collective consciousness, intellect that can effortlessly solve problems and guide us towards a better future.