We destroy, corrupt everything because we don’t know who we are, what our Human purpose is!

Question from the Internet:

“Does humankind have a purpose? If we are supposed to have a purpose in this planet then why do we destroy it everyday? Even if we have an external purpose then why are the societies that we create soo corrupted?”

We have a unique evolutionary purpose. We destroy the planet and build corrupt societies because by default we do not know our purpose.

Humanity is very unique in Nature. When we leave the mother’s womb (the most perfect state in existence, all necessities, desires fulfilled immediately without asking), we are ejected into a seemingly alien, hostile world.

Animals feel no difference, as they exist in Nature’s perfectly balanced “circle of life”, each fulfilling their precisely controlled role for the whole, each having everything they need fulfilled. Even the prey “knows”, subconsciously feels, that by being eaten by the predator, they fulfill their inevitable, perfect role for the whole system. And the predator catches, eats the weakest specimens from the prey’s herd helping in natural selection, eating only what’s necessary, leaving the rest for other predators, scavengers, etc. Thus for animals leaving the womb doesn’t make any difference, as Nature continues to provide them with “womb-like”, perfect conditions.

The life experience of Humans is vastly different.

We feel abandoned after being born, especially after reaching adult age, seemingly needing to fight, ruthlessly, exclusively compete for resources, survival day to day. Feeling ourselves disconnected from Nature’s system also means that we don’t know what our actual Natural necessities are, what the truly available resources are, thus we excessively accumulate everything for ourselves.

This determines our harmful relation to each other and to Nature.

We are not at fault, since we are born disconnected, outside of Nature according to our inherently egocentric, individualistic, self-serving and subjective consciousness, perception.

As everything in Nature, this is also predetermined, purposeful by evolution. Humanity had to be born feeling abandoned, disconnected, incompatible with Nature’s system so we could find our way back to integration, compatibility by our own efforts, consciously. Then as a result of the clear contrast, comparative research between the original disconnected, incompatible state and the consciously, purposefully acquired integrated, compatible, “Nature-like” state we gain a perfect, total understanding of Nature’s s system, its laws sustaining balance and homeostasis, and we can map Nature’s evolutionary plan from start to finish.

This objective, total attainment of the system, becoming Nature’s only conscious observers, partners is our unique, evolutionary Human purpose. And in our generation - when masses of people realize the incompatible, harmful we are towards each other and Nature and that by this we are inevitably marching towards self-destruction - we are ready to learn about and fulfill our purpose.