We decide our own fate after the pandemic

How we will progress, develop after the pandemic completely depends on how we read and learn from the lessons provide by the pandemic, quarantine, and how people reacted to it individually, nationally, how we approach the unfolding socio-economic crisis.

If we read the “signs/lessons” correctly we will see that we find ourselves in a very flammable and fragile paradox between our “cancer-like”, excessively overconsuming, ruthlessly competitive nature that drives us to succeed, survive at the expense of each other while depleting, destroying nature, and Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system that is built on balance and homeostasis.

And since Nature and its “iron laws” governing that balance and homeostasis life depends on won’t change and evolution will relentlessly progress towards the most optimal mutual integration of the whole system, only we can change, adjust to safeguard our survival.

We can’t ignore, keep breaking Nature’s laws of integration any longer, since we are integral parts of the system and now we have reached the threshold of tolerance with our global activities. From now on Nature’s forces will not tolerate us until we achieve purposeful, methodical adaptation with the system, reaching compatibility between the Human system and Nature’s.

And the first steps towards that compatibility are building integration within Humanity based on nature’s template and scaling down our consumption to the optimal levels of natural necessities and available resources.

So I am very much hoping that we will learn everything we need to learn from the pandemic and move forward towards a completely new, this time conscious and constructive path of Human development.