We can’t side-step the core problem — our inherently selfish, egotistic nature!

An opinion from the Internet about Human society:

“To solve our present societal problems we need to focus on the underlying core problem.
It’s true, human nature is often to be self-serving.
But to what end when you’re self-serving purely in excess?
We’re not even talking about true equality - but even just providing an equitable basic standard, ensuring that everyone from the bottom up has equal opportunities towards health, education and survival would be a minimal cost to society and would massively increase overall productivity.
Productivity which would in the long run flow back up and increase the overall gains by those at the top.
Right now the alternative route we’re seeing is stagnation. With resources predominantly flowing one way, the bottom gets choked out. At some point very soon we’ll see automating making entire sections of the population effectively superfluous.
When their labour is no longer needed because it’s automated by either robotics or AI. And when the bottom tier of the labourforce isn’t needed, then you also don’t need to provide towards them. You could realistically cut them entirely out of the equation.
That does mean a loss in sales and as such a drop in revenue. A lost revenue stream.
Since we’ve established that the top won’t want to sacrifice their margin, the next new bottom layer will end up making up that lost difference through increased prices. Thus reducing their effective purchasing power and reducing THEIR sales.
So the question is, to what end is it really self-serving to NOT implement a certain level of basic living conditions within a capitalist society?
If you don’t, you just end up phasing out the very population that serves as your major marketable audience by automating every single other step in the system.
At which point all that remains is the elite upper-class and their every whim and need provided by automated systems, services and production. At once the peak of capitalism as they’ve consolidated the entire economy in on themselves. And at the same time pure communism as by definition the entire economy belongs to all that remains of the relevant population.”

While you are describing the nature, and inevitable demise of a pyramid—like, giant Ponzi—scheme perfectly, there is nothing we can do by adjusting society, by adjusting economics in any way.

While you started by the need to focus on the core problem, you side-stepped the core problem.

The core problem is our completely self-serving, egocentric, exploitative Human nature. Everything else is the consequences of our nature, everything is built by our inherent nature.

We are not “partly" selfish, we are 100% selfish, egocentric and exploitative. Knowingly or unknowingly we are all surviving, succeeding at the expense of others, as in a fully integrated, interdependent system whatever I take, I take it from others, especially as long as we have no idea what our true natural necessities and what available resources are.

Until we recognize this, accept this, and we still think we have an innate ability to improve anything by using our original nature, we only make things worse — as we can witness by all the “solutions” implemented day to day.

We ignore Einstein’s wise words stating, that we can’t solve a problem with the same mindset the problem was caused from. For solutions, we have to rise to a higher, so far unknown mindset.

Everything starts with changing, upgrading ourselves, developing an ability to make calculations outside, above, against the original egocentric, subjective sphere we are born into.

There is simply no other way!

And it has nothing to do with our misguided ideologies, philosophies, “scientific theories".

It is time we learn from Nature and use its laws and templates to build and succeed! We need to develop a new, collective, “Nature-like" intelligence, and then we will have solutions with its help.


I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.