We can’t repair Humanity without knowing the root cause of our problems!

Question from the Internet:

“What can we do to repair humanity now?”

In order to repair humanity, first, we need to recognize, know what is ailing us. The true remedy works only when we have the right diagnosis.

We already have enough experience to conclude that our usual, symptomatic, political, economic, social, ideological, philosophical, religious, and military “solutions” do not bring the right results. In fact, each such “solution” just digs us ever deeper into problems.

In our times we have vast experience in this looking at the helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles, and observing the perpetual crisis of our own generation. This insight has become even clearer, sharper as a result of our global problems, our desperately ineffective, self-harming way we handle the pandemic, and how we can’t even discuss let alone find solutions for the brewing climate disaster.

The root cause of the problems is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, individualistic, and exploitative nature. We simply can not make any other calculations but for self-benefit, while knowingly, unknowingly we survive, succeed at the expense of others and Nature.

Individually, collectively we behave like cancer in human society and towards Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system. Our most difficult step towards repairing humanity is recognizing, accepting that the problem, the “cancer” is inside of us, in each and every one of us. Only then will we understand that “repairing the world” does not mean changing, correcting, canceling others, but it concerns only our own self-correction, self-upgrade.

Then we will see that we already have the necessary, purposeful, and practical method to help us, we just need the honest self-recognition and an irrepressible need, willingness, and commitment for the necessary self-change.