We can’t move, act without the right education, preparation! (A discussion)

Opinion from the Internet about possible solutions for our threatening crisis:

Okay, I’ve thought about this at least as much as you have. Here are some things that would actually need to be done to “cure” some of what we’ve done, going forward.
I’ll let you tell me the percentage likelihood of them being implemented.

  1. No more private property, one can’t “own” the Earth.

2. One world government, we need to MANAGE extraction, production and delivery of resources, everywhere.

3. Total incentives for being childfree (certified sterile zero taxes, etc.)

4. Total sanctions for having kids. No more tax write offs for large vans for big families.

It isn’t “method” that wins the day, it’s action.
We aren’t acting, and we can’t act quickly or dramatically enough to avoid near term extinction.

You are right, we need to move forward “Nature-like" integration and that also brings with itself a certain on world government.

I also agree that gradually we have to get used to the idea that in a fully integrated, interdependent, Natural world there is no such thing as “individual property", we are “guardians" is what we have under our control, usage.

The points regarding children is more difficult. First of all such policies are already implemented (one child policy in China, India has an incentive for workers of the public sector not to have more than 2 children, etc.) But usually they don't work.

We need to understand two things if we want to succeed:

  1. We can’t force anything in people. Whatever we try to achieve through correction will later explode due to the inevitable rebound reactions.

2. We shouldn’t mess with Nature. Our biggest problem is that we foolishly, stubbornly, proudly trying to enforce it own laws, according to our own, misguided, egocentric and subjective worldview on Nature. And we keep failing miserably.

This is why everything starts with, hinges on the right, highly practical education. We all need to understand, moreover feel what it means to exist in Nature's fully integrated, interdependent system, what it means to remain within the optimal constraints of natural necessities and available resources.

From “ecto-ecological” we have to become completely ecological, seamlessly integrated in, partnering Nature. Then we will also know, feel how many children we should have, by feeling Nature “from within", it will become all, completely natural without any coercion, restrictions, dogmas, blind belief or misleading propaganda.

Without this whatever we do will continue to fail and your predictions will come true.

We have to trust Nature, that as soon as we turn to become partners with it instead of going against it (even tho a small extent), the system will assist us and starts repairing itself — as we could observe during certain phases of the pandemic when human activity dramatically lessened.

Additional remark:

“And so you’re requiring us to go against all human nature that has led us to today, since we’ve never lived within nature’s rule book.
My response to that is the only known double positive that means a negative!
“Yeah, right!””

Well, as unbelievable this sounds, this is exactly we have to do, to learn how to live above, against the nature that led humanity for millennia.

This is why we need the special educational method, this is why we can’t do anything until we managed to “reprogram" ourselves.

But it is not as impossible as it sounds.

After all Nature is on our side, evolution is going towards integration, the moment we choose to follow suit we can harness Nature’s infinite power, like “turning our sails”in the right direction.

Our foolishness is that we think we have to do everything, we have to overcome, but in truth we host have to learn how to “ride the waves" like good surfers.