We can’t isolate ourselves from others!

Question from the Internet:

“Is isolation the only way to avoid social hierarchy?”

We are social creatures, we can’t survive in isolation. There are many social, psychological studies that prove how isolation, solitary confinement removes our “humanity", it is not for no reason why this form of punishment, torture is the most difficult to tolerate.

In order to change society, to remove the present hierarchy, inequality, mutual exploitation, first we need to learn how to rise above our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative and subjective nature and build positive, mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconections, cooperation above our instinctive behaviour, attitude.

We will do this whether we want it or not, as our present human system — that is built on the cancer-like, overconsuming, ruthlessly competitive ego — is collapsing as we speak.

Thus we would better learn how to change ourselves and by that change society without waiting for intolerable suffering to force us to change nevertheless.