We can’t help the Natural environment until Human society becomes “like Nature"!

Question from the Internet:

“What are some practical ways that you can take to play your role in environmental-related activities?”

The problem with our present environmental-related activities, activism is that we are viewing the Natural environment and ourselves through our inherently egocentric, subjective viewpoint.

Thus even when our intentions are seemingly good, and we want to save certain animals, want to prevent climate change related damage for example, our ability to assess and solve problems is severely limited, distorted by the instinctively introverted, self-serving, self-justifying standpoint we all have.

In order to truly help the Natural environment, moreover to become Nature’s “insider observers”, benevolent partners, first we need to become “like Nature".

Only through the acquired similarity with Nature’s integral, selflessly, altruistically cooperating, mutually complementing qualities can we understand and truly help Nature.

And for such similarity first we need to build “Nature-like" mutual integration in Human society.

Thus until we learn how to build positive, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation between us on a global scale — above and against our inherent nature — all our attempts to save the Natural environment are futile and we are only causing even greater harm!