We can’t find happiness inside of ourselves, it is between people!

Question from the Internet:

“People are trying to find happiness or contentment by looking all around them. Is there a way to put that energy into looking inside of them and find what they have been looking for all along?”

I think that the actual problem is that we try to find happiness inside ourselves.

Even when people look for happiness “around then", they are searching for what they can attain for themselves, by what can they make themselves happy.

But true happiness can’t be found inside, that is an illusion!

True happiness is a collective, mutual emotional impression that arises from perfect, positive, mutually responsible, mutually complementing Human connections.

Happiness — contentment in biological term — comes from the balance, homeostasis one achieved with one’s environment. Nothing, nobody can become happy, content on one’s own.

Thus for true happiness we need to build a completely new, unique Human environment that’s based on general balance and homeostasis, as reach only cares about the fulfilment, contentment, happiness of the others. Then they all benefit from an unprecedented, reciprocal flow of energy, communication which didn’t exist between them before, which gives a completely new, qualitatively much higher sense of existence.

And since we need to achieve, build this above and against our inherently egotistic, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective nature, we will feel this new life as an extraordinary, vivid, absolutely realistic, tangible way in the contrast achieved!