We can’t exist without a truly Human purpose

Question from the Internet:

“If the world was meaningless, could our individual lives still hold value?”

At the moment we exist in a meaningless world, society, where our only goal is the keep consuming products, services we don’t really need, we can’t afford and we throw away soon after consuming, obtaining them.

Personally we define our values, lives according to fulfilling the “animate” desires of food, sex, family, and the social desires of “wealth, power, fame and knowledge.

We think happiness means fulfilling these desires, especially - through societal pressure - the desires for wealth, power and fame.

And we can see how empty and unhappy we are as a result, proven by the shocking statistics showing constant rise in depression, suicide, divorce and substance addiction figures.

We can’t exist in a meaningless world, Human beings were born to search for, find and fulfill a higher, truly Human meaning, purpose in Nature’s system instead of settling to become “more sophisticated - albeit self-destructive - animals”.

The pandemic and subsequent crisis serves as a very sharp, ruthless turning point. We are all in a forced rehab, where all the pleasures, goods, services we used to take for granted are wiped out. Everything we defined as our goal, value, purpose disappears.

People feel like choking, everybody is in helpless despair, which can turn into extreme frustration, anger, explosion as we can already see worldwide.

The only escape from riots, revolutions, wars - that will lead nowhere, will offer solution to nothing - is searching for, finding and finally fulfilling our true, predetermined, evolutionary Human purpose.
We are at the threshold of the greatest change, revolution in Human history as we received into our hands the chance to take our development consciously into our own hands, to plot to route towards becoming “truly Human”!

And this route leads through positive, mutually reasonable and mutually complementing Human interconnections above and despite everything that separates, rejects us from each other right now.


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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.