Question from the Internet:

“Can anyone cheat nature?”

Although we try very hard, although we stubbornly try to establish our artificial human bubble as if we could suspend the laws of Nature inside it, we cannot cheat Nature.

We cannot pretend as if Nature’s strict, unchanging and unforgiving laws that sustain the general balance and homeostasis life depends on did not apply to us. We are born from Nature, we still exist and evolve with Nature.

We can already see that with our present, excessively overconsuming lifestyle, ruthless competition, with our success and survival at each other’s and Nature’s expense are nearing self-destruction like cancer.

In the end, we will subjugate ourselves to Nature’s laws and become adapted to, integrated with Nature. The question is if we do so as a result of constantly increasing, at the end intolerable suffering, or we do so as a result of conscious, purposeful, and methodical self-changes, self-upgrade.

The conscious, proactive self-change will give us a deep, objective understanding of Nature’s laws and evolutionary plan, making us not only Nature’s positive guardians but also its equal partners.

It is a much better option than looking straight into the abyss of human extinction…