We can’t change failing capitalism to a more Natural Human system without first changing ourselves

Opinion from the Internet about Human nature, Communism:

You write in another article: “The problem with Communism is that it is against Human nature. We are all born with an inherently egocentric, individualistic, self-serving, and self-justifying nature, thriving on exclusive and ruthless competitions with others.”

The problem with your belief is that it is not at all rooted in science or historical reality. Anthropologists have many times said that the opposite is true. It should be quite easy to come to the conclusion that we humans are here today simply because humans are social creatures and thousands of years ago as well as today, people survive, and live longer and better in packs. That’s why tribalism was a thing. If you were a loner, you were far more likely to die. There’s strength in numbers. So cooperation was and is still vital to survival.

The belief in the opposite is right wing rhetoric that originated from left wing Anarchists and was perverted by right wing “libertarians” who claim to want a voluntary society not realizing Marx said that Communism is a voluntary society. Marxism-Leninism and it’s offshoots are not and do not follow many of Marx’s principals or tenets of Socialism or Communism.

What you write in your first paragraph is obviously true, we are a single species and we can’t survive alone, moreover Nature’s laws of integration also forces us to try existing, surviving through mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation.

Nature is a communistic system, meaning calculations for the whole collective always overrides individual calculations, otherwise the system - for example our own biological body as a closed, living, natural system - wouldn’t survive.

On the other hand it is Human history itself, moreover what we can observe in today’s Human society is that proves that somehow Humans revolt against this, and again and again try to distort, corrupt everything towards their individualistic and selfish calculations.

And this inclination started much earlier than our presently popular “isms”, ideologies, philosophies emerged, since we know about Human civilizations they all collapsed as a result of the individualistic inclination of a few corrupted the attempt to live together, cooperate until the civilization became unsustainable. This is the reason for the helplessly recurring historic vicious cycles.

And if we try to say that it is only a minority that behaves that way, this contradicts to the fact that the present, mostly capitalistic, individualistic, ruthlessly competing, overconsuming global Human system wasn’t forced on people. This is what they covet, want all over the world.

On the other hand any attempt to build a truly socialist, communistic system always ran into growing resistance - after an initial “honeymoon period”, and the leaders - who themselves became tyrants - had to apply increasing oppression to keep people in communism against their will.

Moreover, when the “chips are down”, like in a crisis situation as the pandemic, again we can see how much everybody only cares about individual survival at all cost, at the expense of others. Not to mention that by today - in a narcissistic, self-obsessed generation where the ego reached its maximum potential - not only we are not tribal, but even the classical family has broken apart.

Most people who are suggesting true socialism, communism today never actually lived in a socialist, Communist country thus they have a romantic illusion about it.

This doesn’t change the fact that according to Nature’s laws we will have to evolve into a Human society that looks as a socialist, Communist system as only that way can we achieve compatibility with Nature and safeguard our collective survival as you suggested.

But before we do so we need a very unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method that can change, upgrade our inherently “raw capitalistic” nature, so we can accept, build the “Nature-like” communism willingly, through positive motivation, but free choice without any need for coercing, true, misleading propaganda.