We can view life as a random accident we can’t control, or as a deterministic, purposeful process where we can learn how to take control of our development

Opinion from the Internet about Humanity and life:

You wrote in one of your writings, “From Nature’s point of view, Humanity is potentially the greatest thing ever,”
What is so great, sixth extinction event? Microplastics? Ignorance about our own microbiome?
It is our function in life, to keep it healthy for as long as possible in order to have the longest possible life.
We are destroying the planet’s ability to support human life.
Nature has no point of view.
Life survives if it is a leftover by overcoming environmental challenges and goes extinct otherwise.

You probably missed the word “potentially" in my writing.

I fully agree with you, Humanity in its present form behaves like cancer, destroying everything. But this is not our final form, we can't even consider ourselves “Human" yet in the original definition of the word.

“Human" — Adam in Hebrew, comes from the expression “similar". A truly Human being is one, who became similar to Nature through matching qualities, above and against our inherently “unnatural" — 100% egocentric, self-serving, individualistic nature, program.

We can consciously, purposefully and methodically awaken in ourselves a so far dormant “natural" upgrade, complementing our inherently negative qualities with Nature's positive, altruistic, mutually responsible, mutually complementing qualities.

This is what evolution forces us towards, and if we don't do this consciously, proactively, by our own efforts, then increasing crisis situations, blows, intolerable suffering will bring us to the desired state — desired from evolution’s point of view, as Natural evolution relentlessly progresses towards a fully integrated, most optimal state for its closed, living system — we are also integral parts of.

Our unique, “potentially Human" role, purpose in this plan to become the conscious, integrated and still independent observers of the system and its development. This is why we are born opposite, destructive, so by consciously, purposefully complementing ourselves to become “like Nature", we will have perfect perception as a result of the contrast.

How we view life is our personal free-choice. We can view it as a random accident, waiting for a seemingly inevitable destruction, or we can view it as a deterministic purposeful process we can take active part in by changing, refining ourselves.