We can survive only when we learn how to feel, perceive reality through each other

Question from the Internet:

“How do we really know and can we scientifically prove what is in the best interest of the majority, when we can’t even know what is in another person’s best interest, much less the majority?”

You are completely right, at this stage, we have no such ability. We are locked into our inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception. When we contact others, we are only interested in how much we can use them for our own good, even when we love we love as long as it gives us pleasure.

Fortunately, there exists a purposeful, very practical scientific method that can teach us how to “exit ourselves” and start sensing, perceiving reality through the desires, thoughts, and viewpoints of others.

This method is based on Nature’s fundamental laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis without which life and optimal development are not possible.

Through those laws — when we start to feel them actually acting between us as we build the new, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing “Nature-like” interconnections — we will start to understand what the interest of the collective is and how to make calculations for the collective above and against the instinctively selfish, subjective calculations.

Most importantly it will not be political agendas, philosophies, popular “spiritual teachings” or religions guiding us towards this. It will be our need to safeguard our survival, since without adapting ourselves to Nature’s global, integral system — through mutual integration with each other — we will not survive!