We can still have kids, but first, we have to repair, educate ourselves and our societies

Opinion from the Internet:

“As the world is changing, going right now I am really considering not having kids. I am afraid they’ll be cog taxpayers for the system.”

Humans just want to exploit others to enrich themselves. Capitalism reveals the worst in people. Do you think it’s moral to have children in this day and age? How does one keep going without having kids to serve as a purpose?

Your question is very real and pertinent. For example, I have 4 children and I am really worried about their future. I could just blindly focus on sending them to school, urging, supporting them to go to university and have a good qualification, get married, and so on.

But then what?!

In what world will they have to work, can they work at all, and how can they raise a family? As it stands due to the property price craze they can’t even buy a house, the pandemic will take away a lot of the non-essential jobs, inflation is out of control, wars are brewing worldwide, we are completely defenseless against global problems, even against pandemics as we learned…

Fortunately, there is a solution.

We can practically and swiftly change things by changing ourselves and how we relate to other people through the right education for all. This is not so far-fetched as it sounds.

We are in a typical “bad cop, good cop” situation. If we do not start changing ourselves consciously, proactively using the right, open and available method, very soon intolerable suffering — to the point of real-life existential threat situations all over the world — will force us to change.

But it is good to know that we have a solution if people wish to explore it, use it.