We can attain a perfect, truthful perception of reality through “true love”

Opinion from the Internet about reaching perfect perception:

I do understand, the whole needed-so-forth, need of different view points. But, the Truth, As A WHOLE, &NOTHING MORE’s only one though. So, in those regards, I’d say this about perception, and ones eyes!
-of course, we will never ever be able to understand any others, neither even our own selves I’d say, if we can truly never, see it, from the other lens!
-I believe that true wisdom, I’d say, with truly knowing nothing per’s to actually, WALK A MILE, IN SOMEONE ELSES SHOES!
-thinking the grass’s always greener, on the other side does nothing ever at all, other than, one’s foolishness, end up, in disgrace!
So, this is how I try to explain. Please, bear with me!
-judge, tolerance, acceptance.
-the truth &nothing but, our truth, and our true!
So, with that in mind, this is the approach, that says it alls!
-same as appearance, reality can be deceiving as well, as looks per se-but? Beauty still can behold in the eyes of those beholders, but REALITY, IS JUST ONE! And here’s where I see, all goes down-indeed:
-the Bible says, do not judge, so let’s try to keep that in mind, while I make this distinction with perception thru one’s eyes.
-all starts thru from where we see, so yes? our eyes indeed!
Now? Think of this throughout?
-we look, but do not see, but if immediately judge, we think, that based on that first right off our eyes off, perception, is what we’re truly, seeing. Therefore? Our TRUTH!
Now? If we can not see beyond our TRUTH, we’re under the impression, what what we’re actually looking at’s what we’re truly seeing—therefore? We’ll believe, Our Truth-therefore, the whole truth, and nothing more. I think you can clearly see, where egoism here, plays the perfect role. And, it’s all cause, due to, WE JUDGE! Which then, make us, haven to tolerate, to hopefully, then accept.
Now? This is where I see the approach, play the perfect role, with our imperfect flaws!
-I’m pretty sure, plenty of us’s has heard enough, that in order to get to the truth, needs to bypass, the fog, with its cloudy thoughts.
So? How can do as so? As simple as very difficult to us all’s, DONT JUDGE!
what then happens then?
-one looks, but still do not see, therefore, based on one’s right off one’s eyes first perception, only sees the fog, and tries to keep on traveling, with its foggy thoughts perhaps. So, ONE’S TRUE’S not immediately alike.
One then goes, as beyond and One’s TRUTH, but still based on, One’s First Foggy Cloudy Deceiving Reality Perception Off, so one still tries to bypass, it’s cloudy thoughts alike.
Thirdly, and lastly, but not last perhaps? One goes, from right off the back first look first foggy perception under the impression ONE’s TRUE, TO ONE’S ALIKE PERCEPTION Under the impression, ONE’S TRUTH, To then indeed, get to that last third, but not least, THE TRUTH AS A WHOLE, AND NOTHING MORE’S-to then go back rather than instead perhaps,AND TRULY GET TO SEE, ONE’S TRUTH, And ONE’S TRUE, WHEN LOOKING AT, The Whole Truth, and Nothing More! And this can only get accomplish, if one does not judge, and nothing more.
-I’m not saying to not see things for what they are, as a matter of fact, THATS THE ONLY WAY, TO RESOLUTE, AND, RESOLVE Anything at all, EVER!
Now? This is the tricky part, that if one still thinks that still can judge, why it will never work.
-if you do not judge, you do not need to worry, about having to keep on judging, in order to resolute, to tolerate, to then accept as wells.
-you’re not really seeing anything there at play, other than, your own judgmental self, trying to find a way, to accept the fog you can not see, based on those cloudy thoughts, you think you’re currently, perceiving, correctly—-from your eyes, solely perhaps!
the only way to fight through all the fog, and SEE anything at all perhaps, to get to that third stage of THE TRUTH &NOTHING THAN, Is to actually, Not Judge, While AT!
-NO OTHER WAY TO SEE, If Thinks all lies in ones judgment!
-good luck, and hopes dis not make it too long—-and my apologies I never overlook, revise, even look at at whatever I ever write!
-still glad you seemed to see thru all my foggy incoherent limited words usage offs, to tell me a line or so!

Thank you for your writing, I enjoy your emotional, graphical descriptions.

Again I can only agree.

What you described fits perfectly what Kabbalists describe as “faith above reason”, where reason is whatever we perceive automatically through our inherently egocentric, subjective program, “judging others” and advertising our own subjective conclusions as “truth”.

But we have the ability to go beyond the “egotistic, judgemental fog” and search for the truth through the eyes, viewpoints, desires and thoughts of others.

What you described is beautifully summed up by the “great sages of old” detailing how we can get to that perfect perception through others:

1.First we have to reach a state of “no judging”, “not causing to others what we ourselves hate” in order to become capable of reaching a connection to others when we can “walk in their shoes” without disturbing then, interfering with them, like one wading into water without causing ripples.

2.Then we can gradually achieve the higher state of “love others as yourself”, when we can start actually fulfilling the desires of those others as we feel their desires as our own, so we can fulfill them according to their viewpoints, without any egocentric, subjective, selfish bias, distortion. This state is called “true love”, living through, fulfilling the desires of others as if the “I” didn’t exist.

Then we become able to “roam” reality endlessly, eternally, being liberated from the original egocentric, subjective limitations of time, space and motion.

And through the multitude of viewpoints we gather by connecting to everybody through the above mentioned “true love” will comprise that single, perfect, truthful picture you mentioned!


I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.