We can now choose our own path

Temporary unity at times of global crisis

Many people are awakening to the fact that when we are facing a global crisis, global problems we would need to build global, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing connections in order to solve these problems. But then many laments that even it happened, as soon as the problems go away, we would revert to the usual, exclusive and ruthless competition against one another.

I agree, we instinctively suspend wars, the exclusive, ruthless competition during natural catastrophes like the Greeks used to suspend wars during the Olympic Games.

And then we return to cheat, exploit and kill each other when the danger is gone. This is how our inherent nature worse, how our inner program constantly drives us towards succeeding, surviving at each other’s expense unless the primordial survival reflex tells us that for the immediate survival it is better to unite and work together.

So what can we do to prolong the cooperation and prevent “snapping back” to the old program now?!

Existing in a deterministic, lawful, closed Natural system

First of all, we will need to understand that what we are observing now is not a Hollywood movie, when there is one great blow, a conflict situation and then we can go back to life as if nothing happened after the heroes save the day.

This time the pressure won’t go away.

We won’t be able to escape the blow of the Coronavirus and prevent new blows until we finally understand that we exist in a deterministic, lawful, Natural system that is evolving, developing according to a plan. We will continue to blindly, stubbornly stumble from crisis to crisis until intolerable suffering will open our eyes and make us stop in our tracks to accept this.

Nature is progressing — from the Big Bang — onwards towards a unique system that on one hand becomes more and more diverse, complex, vast, on the other hand, becomes increasingly integrated until the whole system becomes a living, sensing, “conscious” organism.

And the conscious mind, the fully aware, responsive observer, “overseer” in this super-organism is Humanity, when we learn how to become a single, fully integrated “Humann network” that is capable of sensing, perceiving, attaining and controlling the whole Natural Universe as a collective mind, collective intelligence.

This is not a sci-fi project, neither is it a fairy-tale, mysticism, but it is our very own reality detailed, predetermined by Nature’s plan of evolution.

The choice between two different pathways

The Coronavirus crisis is the first in a series of increasingly strong, threatening “reminders”, “invitations” from Nature’s system to push us towards a fully integral, collective existence above and against our inherently selfish, individualistic, exclusively exploitative one.

The fact that we have to achieve our evolutionary Human purpose above and against our inherent program (we also got from evolution) makes us able for our unique, Human task, having the ability to see reality in the contrast, comparative research between inherent egoism and acquired altruism.

From now on we have two possibilities ahead of us. Nobody has to believe what is written here, it is not written to convince anybody. This is simply describing Nature’s expectations from us as described by unique empirical Natural scientists through millennia. Those who feel attraction towards this Human role can join a practical, purposeful, scientific-educational method that prepares us for this role. They will become the pioneers pulling Humanity behind them. Many thousands of people are already in this process.

The rest will continue the present, stubborn Human development, believing in the inherently egocentric, subjective Human mind as a religion. If what the unique scientists are saying is true, these skeptical, opposing people will join the pioneers when the pressure, blows on them increase so much that they will have other choices.

It is everybody’s free choice which group one wants to belong to!



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