We can learn to control our future!

The future is in our hands.

More precisely we can choose how the future unfolds although where we are heading, what we have to become is predetermined.

We have reached the point in Human development where we are obligated - by evolution’s relentless, predetermined plan - to align ourselves with the general progress of the whole system.

And since evolution is progressing towards a final, most optimal integration in its complete system among its extremely diverse, seemingly incompatible elements, we also need to start developing towards integration within global Human society, and between Humanity and Nature.

This direction is against our inherently egoistic, individualistic, and exploitative nature.

If we continue to follow our instinctive nature blindly - as we have been doing so far - Nature will push, break us, force us to yield and become compatible with its system and evolutionary direction due to intolerable suffering.

But we can do the same adaptation consciously, proactively, by studying Nature’s system and learning the plan of evolution with our own role in it.