We can learn that it is in our best, selfish interest to exist, cooperate mutually together!

Question from the Internet:

“Did fear of COVID-19 bring the world together or drive us further apart?”

I am afraid the facts on the ground show that we are more divided than ever. During the pandemic each individual and nation tried protecting, healing themselves as they subjectively saw it for, many times at the expense of others.

All through the pandemic, there has been no global coordination, cooperation at all despite the virus reaching every corner of the planet, all of humanity suffering from the same problem.

This is just another sign — besides other pressing global issues as the climate crisis, worsening socioeconomic crisis, impending water shortage, pollution, loss of natural resources, and life-providing resources — that even when we are in danger we simply cannot exit our inherently subjective, self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative boundaries.

We are actually not at fault, since we are programmed by Nature with this very limited, introverted inner software, that we simply can’t consider, make calculations on something that is beyond our egocentric day-to-day survival, fulfillment.

And we cannot change the nature, inner software we are born with — after all, nobody can lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair, nobody can perform a “brain and heart transplant” on oneself.

But we have the ability to learn, to actually feel our total interdependence in each other in the globally integrated and interdependent world we evolved into — due to the pressure from Nature’s laws and evolution’s relentless direction all leading to integration within the whole Natural system.

If we understood, tangibly felt our total interdependence, that the success, health, and survival of the individual is intricately intertwined with the success, health, and survival of the whole, we would be able to adjust how we relate to each other, how we mutually cooperate and complement each other as a result of seeing the clear selfish, logical benefit in it.