We can learn how to harness, channel the incredible power of our inherent egos

Question from the Internet:

“Is the world ruled by one power (a group or a cartel or a monopoly) or several groups?”

The world is presently ruled by a single, all-encompassing power that controls all of us, puts us into this unnatural, self-destructive Matrix we live in.

This single, mighty power is the self-serving, self-justifying, all-consuming human ego we are all born with and which ego differentiates us from other developed primates and the whole system of Nature.

Everything else we observe in this “human Matrix” is only the result, symptom of the ego controlling, distorting, corrupting everything in its own favor. The only difference between people — which creates the observed human pyramid — is the strength of this ego, how much hungry, insatiable it is in certain people, how much sacrifice, effort certain people are willing to make to get everything that they want for themselves.

If we want to build a better world it is the human ego that we need to fight against, not against the egos of others but each fighting, dealing with one’s own ego. We can learn how to harness, control, channel this irrepressible, incredible power source in us towards positive, constructive, collective goals, purposes through a unique, purposeful, and highly practical educational method.

Then we will be able to build a very different, mutually responsible and mutually complementing humanity where each uses one’s unique, individual ego for the sake, the well-being of the whole system.