We can “go beyond” and start sensing “true reality”!

Question from the Internet:

“What if there is something new? I know this is going to sound bonkers. I feel like it is bonkers, honestly but then again…

What if it something that seemingly defies explanation? How convenient!? It can’t possibly be real then? There has to be another explanation. Perhaps not a scientific one! Okay, that sounds nuts. I have to try to look it up. Back to what if the discovery seemingly defies explanation? Is it possible that there is another reality we can’t sense right now?!”

You are not bonkers. I am also not a physicist, but as I understand the more quantum physics gets deeper “into the matter” the more the scientists start to see matter disappearing, some even concluding that there is no matter as we imagined so far.

We perceive and live in a very “reduced”, simplified world in order to cope with it, as a human being by default can’t cope with uncertainties. Then sometimes we meet “miracles”, “wonders” which simply means that we encounter things where we cannot connect cause with consequences.

Then here come the kabbalists, unique empirical, natural scientists who explain that the problem is with our original consciousness, perception of reality. Since we are by default egocentric, subjective (this is not our fault, we are born like this), we automatically reduce the reality we see to those things that are important for our own “pleasure/pain” calculations.

The same scientists also tell us that we have the ability to expand our consciousness and perception to such extent that we become able to sense, understand reality in its totality, feeling all the forces, sources, cause and effect processes that create the picture we see, we feel.

So the burning desire in you to go “beyond” what you feel, understand now is an invitation, as there is truly a “beyond”, there is a reality in a much greater dimension we can perceive here and now, by fine-tuning, expanding our “sensors”, by escaping our inherently reduced, distorted egocentric, subjective bubbles, caves through others, by sensing, understanding reality through the desires, viewpoints of others.

Then — as those scientists explain — we can gradually put together a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, “holographic image” of reality with its single force-field, “Theory of everything”!