We can develop the real, perfect Human being in us right here, right now!

Opinion from the Internet about how we can develop a higher being from the inherent “Human animal":

“The carnal mind is toxic and not deserving of life and existence. The carnal mind must and will die, and the spirit lives forever. The spirit is released at death like the butterfly is released when the caterpillar fully dies. The butterfly is the spirit and the cocoon is the carnal mind, which stays dead forever, but the good in you lives on in another form. What happens to caterpillars who don`t complete metamorphosis? The Origin of God explains……”

While I agree with you that there is a potential, “truly Human" being in us that is destined to survive even when our biological body with its simplistic, instinctive mind expires, we don’t need to wait until the biological body dies.

We can awaken, and can purposefully, methodically develop that potential Human spark in us and start sensing ourselves through a very different, selfless, objective point of view, while still existing in the present biological body and its egocentric, subjective perception.

And specifically this unique duality, contrast — between the old, and newly acquired viewpoint, sense of existence — will verify the validity of the new, “truly Human" perception, that is selfless and objective and thus it is unaffected by the egotistic, subjective coordinates of time, space and physical motion.