We can correct the past by building a better future as we learn from history

Correcting the past means learning from past mistakes, trying to go about developing differently.

So far Human history has been a blind, instinctive stumble, following helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles. We keep building civilizations on the ruins of the previous one, only to repeat the same mistakes, crimes finishing the actual cycle in a civilization-ending explosion.

We are approaching our own such explosion in this generation, as the signs all around us show (we can make a direct parallel to the events of the 1930s, 1940s to have an idea what’s in store for us).

Thus it would be very important to finally learn the lessons from past (and present mistakes), and to learn how to rise to a “truly Human” way of life, when we acquire the ability to think, decide and act above and against our inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative and hateful instincts, hormonal reactions, that have been driving us so far.

By creating a better, safer, fairer, sustainable collective future for all of Humanity - with the help of learning from past mistakes, crimes - we could “correct the past” rendering it purposeful, educational in relation to that better future, as without learning from the past we could have never built the better future.