We can choose the manner of our future development

Question from the Internet:

“Is it true that human beings need adversity without it we are as good as dead?”

Yes, basically we are “very simple creatures".

We operate on a very precise, egocentric “pleasure/pain software", making constant, incessant calculations about moving towards actual or expected selfish pleasures, happiness while moving away from any actual or expected pain, suffering.

And out of the two contrasting extremes, pain, suffering is a much more potent motivator then pleasure. In fact when we feel good we stay put, unless the next, expected pleasure is significantly greater than the present pleasure of comfort.

But when we feel unpleasant, when we suffer we can’t stay put but we have to move on, develop.

It has been intolerable suffering, unsolvable crisis situations that drove Human history’s recurring vicious cycles and our individual lives so far most of the time, and now that we are standing at the brink of our own seemingly inevitable civilization-ending explosion, again it would be such intolerable suffering that shifts us to a new path of development.

But this time we have the conscious, proactive opportunity to take control of our development, establishing a desired, qualitatively much higher state of existence (first of all securing our collective survival against all odds) as an attractive prospect that could pull us forward, instead of waiting for suffering to push us from behind.