We can choose the “big event” of our generation

Question from the Internet:

“Given the current state of affairs in the world, do you think something big is about to happen?”

Something big is about to happen. But what this “big” is going to be depends on us, on our free choice.

If we continue blindly following our inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative nature - as we have done through history so far - we will sleepwalk into a global disaster, a civilization-ending explosion like world war as it happened over 60 years ago.

Without consciously changing course, the unfolding, global socio-economic crisis - which will be worse than the Great Depression - will force world leaders to apply the only “historic solution” they know, they are “educated for”: war.

And in this integrated, interdependent world with all the amassed weapons of mass destruction it will truly be “big”.

Fortunately - provided we are ready to use our unique Human mind capable of critical self-assessment, initiating self-change - we can aim for a different “big”: a true revolution in Human development.

We could consciously, proactively start shifting from the inherently self-serving, exploitative, subjective and self-destructive developmental path towards a selfless, altruistic, collective development, this time following Nature’s perfect, integral template instead of our limited, distorted, egotistic Human mind.

Then we can transform ourselves from a warring, self-destructive, obsolete species to Nature’s partners, to the deserving, objective witnesses of Nature’s utter perfection.