We can change if we learn the lessons of the Coronavirus pandemic

The recent global and national Coronavirus experiences gave us the opportunity to change our societies for the better. But for that we will need to learn the lessons the pandemic provided:

  1. We evolved into a fully integrated and interdependent world
  2. Nature can immediately repair itself the moment Humans retreat — thus we are the only endangered species by not keeping Nature’s laws that sustain balance and homeostasis life depends on
  3. If we do not change our instinctive nature, a program that exploits everyone and everything, we will self-destruct even within this generation — like all previous civilizations in history.

Thus if we learn how to overcome our inherent nature and start building mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation above all that separates, rejects us from each other, we can solve our problems effortlessly and prevent new ones.

And when we scale our lifestyle to the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources we will harmonize ourselves with Nature’s system and continue developing with it as partners.