We can build a sustainable, safe rescue boat for Humanity’s presently sinking Titanic

Opinion from the Internet on Human development:

“The unique purpose of Humanity called “we” is to be resourceful, contributing, individually to the well-being of the planet, i.e, plant seeds, grow from tender to a mature plants for the fulfillment in quenching man’s hunger and taste.
The destruction of Earth is not leaving void as a empty basket (we destroy to create, or should I say, we renovate the Earth space as we grow immersely in knowledge)
The corrupt individuals are corrupt because they believe in and their experience gave them the fact that; only through corruption can “one” succeed. Living life as a success is on the minds’ board of an optimist.
If you don’t see corruption as a “way forward in life” then your formula is welcome. Is not easy to sanitize the corrupted seed (the bacteria feeds on it). Grow yours, feed the world.”

I agree with you. We can’t change others, such attempts never worked in history.

We can only change ourselves and then by showing a positive example - through a necessary critical mass, that is about 15–20% of a given society - we can draw others with ourselves towards a better future.

Those who pursue the present, unnatural, corrupt, self-destructive development will fail - as we can already see it happening through the deepening crisis - as we can’t go against Nature’s fundamental laws that sustain balance and homeostasis life depends on.

So we need a healthy critical mass, creating a completely new Human environment that is built on, follows Nature’s integral template, acting, existing through mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation while living within the optimal parameters of healthy, modern, natural necessities and available resources.

Then such a new, “Nature-like” Human environment will become the rescue boat for Humanity while the “Titanic” of our general, artificial, excessively overconsuming society continues to sink.