We can build a better future of we read 2020 right

Question from the Internet:

What are some of the positive things you can think of that came out of 2020?

That depends on whether we read the events right, whether we learn the lessons we received.

The pandemic has shown us that we evolved into a globally integrated, interdependent world. There are no individual, local, national problems any more, we all exist in the same, closed system. But we are still reacting, trying to find solutions in individual, local, national manner — making the pandemic and the connected socioeconomic crisis even worse.

And now the “vaccine-race", “vaccine-war” is starting, trying to prove who is better, more clever, who can make more money out of it, while the media and politicians are politicizing the pandemic and the misery of others for their own selfish benefit.

Through the American elections and the campaign beforehand (basically lasting for 4 years) we also learned what a ceaseless, brainwashing propaganda can do, how personal interest is more important than the fate of the nation, how societies — all over the world — are now breaking apart along all kinds of differences we simply can’t resolve.

In short we are sleepwalking towards a seemingly inevitable self-destruction, global meltdown as long as we blindly, instinctively follow our inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative nature.

If we can recognize this, and are ready to change ourselves (instead of changing others and the world) the future promises to be much better.

Then we have the reason, incentive to start changing, upgrading, improving ourselves with the help of a unique, purposeful, practical educational method that can teach us how to interconnect, cooperate above and despite everything that separates people.

Our problem solving ability, our collective Human survival depends on mutually responsible, mutually complementing interaction, cooperation we need to build above our remaining, growing differences, distrust.