We can be our own “creators”, consciously completing our own evolution

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readApr 26, 2021


Opinion from the Internet:

“You say that human beings will need to recognize that they’re original nature is harmful, and that we would need to change. But we received our biology from Nature’s evolution as any other living creature, we are carnivores, predators, this is how we are born. So how and why would we change what billions of years of evolution programmed in us?!”

You are right, to a certain point.

In terms of our biology we are almost identical with other developed primates, like chimpanzees or orangutans. Most scientists would agree that we originate with them from a — so far unidentified — common root, starting our development from the same natural conditions, environment.

But even with other animals we share most of our DNA allowing medical sciences to use animal tissues to replace human’s, true human medications on animals first.

Still, something caused human development, evolution to become something extraordinary, unparalleled in nature. And this has nothing to do with our biology, or being the top predators all other animals fear.

We have an insatiable human ego that constantly wants more, that is never satisfied, constantly driving us towards quantitative, qualitative growth. But it also pushed us out of Nature’s otherwise balanced system.

A lion “rules" the food chain, hunts and eats other animals, but within Nature’s balance, never threatening the “circle of life". Stays within its natural habitat — unless natural catastrophes, human interference forces it out — and hunts, eats what it needs while leaving the rest to secondary predators, scavengers.

And predators kill the weakest specimens in the prey population, helping their natural selection.

Even chimpanzees — although they fight, even kill each other — always stay within the natural balance. As a result while humans are probing the galaxies, create AI, chimpanzees remained unchanged for millions of years.

This human ego is not biological, but as you said it also comes from evolution. It purposefully makes us separate from, opposite to Nature so we would have a free, conscious chance to recognize our “alien", cancer-like original software and willingly, proactively decided to change it, upgrade it.

We are standing at the threshold of this conscious recognition, at the start of a completely new, this time conscious — as opposed to the previous, present blind, instinctive, destructive — development, taking our evolution, fate into our own hands.

But in terms of the direction we have no choice: we have to adapt ourselves to Nature’s integral system, becoming its only conscious, independent but insider observers.

Thus the original software we received from evolution is not final, instead it is an invitation for us to take it and finish our own evolution by our own, free, conscious efforts.




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.