We are still instinctive animals, with the potential to become truly Human

Question from the Internet:

“If all of humanity were to be transformed into animals, would the world be better off? Also, which animal would you like to be?”

I am sorry to be so harsh, but in our present, default state we are like animals — simply living according to our basic instincts.

Although we have a unique Human intellect, capable of critical self-assessment, initiating self-change, for the time being we don’t use it to its full potential, we only use our intellect to serve the selfish fulfillment of our insatiable animate and social desire.

Moreover we are the worst animals on the planet, as we use our instinctive behaviour in a destructive way, since we don’t sense the instinctive integration, mutually responsible, mutually complementing integration into Nature’s “circle of life" other animals are born with.

For a parallel, we behave like viruses or cancer.

Before we start self-flagellating, we are neither evil, nor sinful. Nature’s evolution created us in this raw, unfinished form. Only in this way do we have truly free choice — in completing our Human development, to become integral parts of Nature’s system by becoming similar to it.

This is where we can finally use our unique Human intellect, to first of all recognize, accept our inherent incompatibility with Nature and then consciously, proactively, methodically acquiring similarity and integration with Nature’s system.

The fact that we have to do this consciously, that we have to become “Nature-like" with selfless, altruistic integration with each other above and against our inherently cancer-like program, this will give us our unparalleled Human observer position within Nature. We will retain a unique, independent point of view even after integrating and as a result we will become Nature’s only conscious witnesses, partners!