We are not stupid, we are not part of Nature’s instinctive integration — so we future integrate into it consciously

Question from the Internet:

“How stupid is the human species?”

At the moment we look pretty stupid, as we seem hellbent to destroy ourselves like cancer.

We are destroying the planet that gives us life with our reckless overconsumption, while due to our mutual distrust, mutual rejection, instinctive urge to succeed at each other’s expense we prevent any realistic, sustainable cooperation. As a result we have no ability to properly assess and solve the mounting global problems.

But we are not stupid.

This is why we keep behaving in a completely unnatural way, inevitably destroying everything including ourselves as we are forced to excessively accumulate everything we can for ourselves, and we keep competing, fighting against a world that we sense as hostile.

We can remedy this situation by going through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method which can help us consciously integrate into Nature’s system, giving us a sense of Nature’s perfect “circle of life”, mutual guarantee. The method works through building integration, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation between Human beings.

As a result we will be able to let down our instinctive shields, self-protection against each other and Nature, we can stop excessively hoarding everything for ourselves, and we will gradually settle into the system as its benevolent partnering parts, gaining Nature’s infinite wisdom in the process.