We are not natural by default, we have to learn how to become compatible with Nature

Question from the Internet:

“Are we not natural?
Aren’t we already compatible with Nature’s fully integrated system?”

Please ask yourself. Why do you think we are standing on the brink of self-destruction?!

We are consuming everything vastly beyond our natural necessities, in fact we don’t even know what our natural necessities are since we don’t sense Nature’s internal balance, homeostasis, we are not part of the “circle of life" which determines the perfectly integrated existence of everything else in nature on the inanimate, vegetative and animal levels.

Moreover we ruthlessly compete against each other, survive at each other’s expense which doesn’t happen in nature.

In Nature competition is only to establish the hierarchy for the best survival of the species but not in order to kill, destroy “for fun", for no obvious reason, only to prove we are above others and can terrorize, manipulate then for our own pleasure, to prove our power over them.

We have to learn how to become “natural" and this is actually our evolutionary advantage, to achieve integration with each other and Nature consciously, by our own efforts.

This will give us unparalleled, unprecedented insight into Nature, total, benevolent control over the system.