We are not insane, we are all Egoists!

Question from the Internet:

“Has the world gone insane, or have I?”

Neither the world nor are you insane. We are now observing what happens if we all blindly follow our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and individualistic nature.

And nothing will change until we all recognize and accept that the same nature, the same operating program drives all of us.

As long as we try identifying certain people, certain parties, groups, nations, religions, cultures as culprits, trying to change, suppress, remove them, we will continue with our blind sleepwalk towards a global disaster on an unprecedented scale.

As we are the most egotistic and narcissistic and hateful generation in Human history since Human history is nothing else but the chronicle of the ever-growing, intensifying ego.

And though this ego has been a useful engine for exploration, inventions, technological, cultural progress through history, now in the fully integrated and interdependent world we have evolved into, the ego — with its insatiable, excessive desire for more, its taste for succeeding, surviving at the expense of others has become like cancer.

And we can’t turn back “globalization”, as existing in a fully integrated and interdependent Human system is determined, obligated by Nature’s evolution which drives its whole system — Humanity included — towards a final, most optimal integration.

The fact that you see insanity around you is already a very advanced stage, as many people still blindly want to continue where we are, what we do, even after the pandemic opened our eyes and gave us the opportunity to change!

This is why it is very important that those people who already see the “writing on the wall” — that with our present direction, with the totally unsustainable socio-economic system we are stubbornly pushing, with our penchant for war as “solution” we will surely self-destruct — start changing, upgrading their nature together in unique environments, using a special, purposeful and highly practical educational method.