We are not focusing on our own, collective survival

Question from the Internet:

“What goal do you think humanity is not focused enough on achieving in 2021?”

Well, if we have to define a goal we should be focusing on, then we could say that we are not focusing on the goal of surviving.

At the moment we are stubbornly, ignorantly marching towards a seemingly inevitable global self-destruction.

We still hold onto our inherently egocentric, individualistic, self-justifying tendencies, behaviour, even when we understand that our problem-solving, collective survival depends on mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconections, cooperation.

There is no such thing as individual success, individual survival in the completely integrated, interdependent world we evolved into.

Thus if we want to solve our mounting, global problems, if we want to safeguard our collective survival, we have no other options but to connect to each other above differences, despite the constant, instinctive distrust, mutual animosity.