We are much closer to the brink than we think…

Opinion from the Internet about learning from pain:

“There is only one thing that makes an adult learn and that is pain. Pain has a motivating way about it and until this society feels real pain nothing will change.

We won’t see a change in our lifetime because the pains of today get a bandaid or covered up and today’s society is ok with that as long as their pursuit for happiness is not interrupted.

This global, integral education system you speak of will never happen, there is no profit in it and will never be accepted by the masses.

Only pain will change us and put on a different path and it is the children of a not too far off generation that their pursuit will be for food and water, the resources we used up. They will be the ones that change everything and only because they have too.”

I fully agree with you. But trust me, we are heading for what you are expecting much sooner than you believe.

The pandemic is only the start. At the moment “only” the excessive consumption, non-essential production, and services are disappearing as we speak - though that will already render most of Humanity unemployed very soon.

Just remember how we looked at life half a year ago and how we look at it today, so the changes are extremely fast. Unemployment is already growing, societies are breaking, people are in the streets for different reasons all over the world, nobody trusts anybody any longer.

America is already on the brink of civil war and there are many hotspots all over the world that require only a random incident, a provocation to ignite a war.

The climate change - that can cause terrible weather changes, water shortage, lack of food - is unfolding also much faster than any previous predictions. And the pandemic - where we are still figuring the first wave - could come back with a true second wave with a mutated, more serious version of the disease.

So we are in a true “bad cop/good cop” situation.

The suffering you speak about will come from many different angles, it is inevitable as we are incompatible with Nature’s laws and our Human system has no right to exist any longer.

Only the previously mentioned educational system - teaching us why we are in this dire strait, and how we could save ourselves in practice - can offer the escape route!


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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.