We are integral parts in Human society, we can’t escape its control — but we can change society for the better

Question from the Internet:

“Why do you accept that the society controls you?”

Because I don’t have a choice.

We are social creatures, we can’t survive without a society surrounding us and since the majority always influences the minority, we automatically follow the major trends, values, aspirations, goals society sets.

It is much easier to talk about such notions, to actually feel them in our generation, when we all started to feel, understand how interconnected and interdependent we are.

And we can’t escape this integration, interdependence since Nature’s evolution obligates us to become similar to its system, it’s developmental flow - which relentlessly processes towards full integration.

Soon we will feel this even deeper, more tangibly, sensing that we are all but individual cells in Humanity’s integrated organ, within Nature’s vast, single, integral “body”.

This is why we need to learn and feel what interconnectedness, interdependence means so we could consciously, willingly adapt ourselves to Nature’s laws of integration instead of waiting for suffering, worsening crisis to force us.

Then we will be able to influence, upgrade Human society in a way that how society controls is will be positive and beneficial instead of the totally aimless, negative, destructive control it exerts over us today.