We are here to adapt, integrate and observe Nature’s perfection

Opinion on the Internet about the Human right to decide who should survive, who is inferior it superior:

“So who should decide whether someone would be “allowed to breed”? What criteria would you propose to determine whether someone is “inferior” or “superior”?

Several decades ago a certain character in Germany thought he had the answer, and we all know what happened there. Is the person who posed the original question suggesting we adopt that kind of approach?”

You are right, we don’t have the ability or the right to decide this. Moreover the more we study Nature the more we find how perfect, purposeful the system is where there is nothing random, obsolete.

Unfortunately we thought we had the wisdom to decide what’s necessary, unnecessary, what we should change, get rid of. Thus we have been recklessly, blindly destroying, rearranging, recreating whatever we see fit, according to our completely misguided, incorrect, egocentric and subjective consciousness, perception of reality.

We are not here to decide anything. We are here to learn how to adapt, integrate and observe Nature’s laws, cause and effect processes by changing, fine tuning ourselves until our qualities, how we relate to each other and to Nature matches “Nature’s frequency”.

Then everything - our personal and collective roles, what true natural necessities and available resources are, how many children we should have, how society needs to be built - will come naturally without any debates, doubts, confusions.

Then finally we can discard so our confused, self-serving and self-justifying ideologies, philosophies, religions and simply observe and follow Nature’s law and evolution.